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Whether you are a young professional starting to save, a midlife career person building a nest egg for your family, or a Baby Boomer facing the runway to retirement, the time is now to adapt a new money mindset. Traditional wisdom about investing and the financial markets no longer works.


Atlas is calling


Do you want to take more control of your finances? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed? Or maybe you’re doing a good job of financial management, but you sense there is more you could be doing?

There is. This book has been created to help you get there.

Atlas Shift: Mastering Your Financial Experience in the Post-Information Age provides a unique approach to financial management in the 21st century.

The book is one part call to action, one part practical guide: use it as a launching pad of inspiration to take full control of your money, your life, your dreams (they go together after all) and as a handy guide to the in’s and out’s of getting there.


Get empowered


The atlas shift has started to happen. Are you in the know?

Now, more than ever, people should be taking control of their finances, yet markets have gotten so complicated and data flow so overwhelming that it’s easy to get lost.

Some don’t even realize the traps they have fallen into because their advisors have accidentally led them astray. It is time for that to change.

Pick up a copy of Atlas Shift today and get started on your future now.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by how to master your finances in an age where data is plentiful but true advice is scarce, read this book.”
— Ivan R. Misner, PhD, Founder of BNI and New York Times Bestselling Author

The Author


William Rassman, CFP®, is a speaker, author, Certified Financial Planner™ professional, and financial services advisor for successful individuals and families. He uses proprietary tools and strategies at Centric Capital Advisors, where he replaces old-school asset allocation with strategy allocation, along with cutting-edge tax strategies, to help protect clients’ assets and grow their money regardless of market direction.