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The 5 Questions To Ask Your Advisor

Thinking of getting yourself a financial advisor but don't know who to choose or how to find the right one?

Will Rassman is a financial advisor and today he shares with you the important questions you should be asking your financial advisor to make sure he is a good fit for you.

Show highlights include:

The questions you ask your advisor is as important as the questions they ask you. Will addresses the hot topic “fees and hiring an advisor”. Knowing your razor’s edge. Ask your advisor what strategies he has to minimize risk outside of traditional investing. Importance of sticking with the plan.



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Modern-day Finance with William Rassman


Episode #155 - Get Your Money Right & in Order for 2019 with Guest William Rassman

Before the new year strikes, prepare and get your financial house in order. In this interview with our sponsor William Rassman Certified Financial Planner of Centric Captial Advisors, we discuss tips, strategies, nuggets and a rule of thumb about money, budgeting and investment strategies to become more savvy and profitable with money. You will learn what to do now to start off the new year strong and financially powerful. William's new book, Atlas Shift, scheduled to be released January 4th, 2019. You can preorder now at Connect with William via social media platforms @atlas-shift. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM Learn more about what I do to help you at The Start Up CEO.

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William Rassman CFP

William Rassman is a certified financial planner whom handles the estates of people with a net worth of 1 million dollars or more in investable assets. He uses that knowledge as a blueprint to helping others and gives us a walkthrough on how he does that. We do a deep dive into his book, the publishing industry, and how he makes his decisions on a daily basis. We wrap it up with some important information about his book Atlas Shift Mastering your Financial Experience in a Post Information Age

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Atlas Shift with Will Rassman

Interviewing Speaker, Author, & Financial Services Advisor Will Rassman! Talking about his Book Atlas Shift and Sports!


Atlas Shift, by William Rassman, is available now.